Monday, March 8, 2010

Pirate keychain thingy

I'm not really sure what to do with this thing, it's just a little too big to be a keychain... Made after a part of this pattern.

Lizard keychain

I didn't choose the best background color for this keychain, so the lizard motif is barely visible. It's a little better with the light from behind, but without flash the picture became a bit blurry. Pattern from this book.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lovable Beaded Creatures

"Lovable Beaded Creatures"
By Anja Freese, German original published in 2001
Available on Amazon

This is the 17th beading book I've bought, but the first one in English :) The book has patterns both for beaded animals and some jewelry, like brooches and woven bracelets, though that last section is by far the smallest part. One thing that puzzles me a little is that there is a pattern for a lizard brooch, but there is no picture of the finished item...

The pattern and the picure of the finished animal are shown together on the same page(s), so you don't have to look back and forth in the book. A genious thing about the patterns in this book, that I can't believe no one else has done, is to put a number next to each row that indicates the number of beads in that row. That means you don't have to count the beads, which is especially practical when the pattern is all one color.

All the animals are three-dimensional, and all the patterns are colored. Some of the patterns are:

Bear with honey pot
Baby seal
Poison arrow frogs
Killer whale
King penguin & chick
Guinea pig